Mentoring with Doug

Doug Brady or Dougie, as he is affectionately known, is passionate about passing on all that he knows to share his immense knowledge with artistic young people.

Imagine having exclusive first hand access to 35 years of experience in the music industry, plus expertise in sound and production and personalised mentoring with the kindest, generous, most genuine expert around.

This initiative was created to mentor young people on the realities of actively participating or working in the music industry while nurturing their unique creativity. Doug is all about boosting esteem, nurturing innate talent and strengthening abilities. Creating opportunities to express inspiration, and how to put it all together into something useable and marketable that they can use right away.

“There seemed to be a gap, with no place where kids and young talent can learn the ropes, to gain insight into how a working studio really operates or what it is like supporting creative people and artists.  I am approached constantly by high school students to undertake work experience in the studio, now they can apply.  I wanted to provide young people this opportunity so devised two programs. They are aimed at high school students and all young artists or creatives interested in the music industry in any capacity.”

Both programs are exclusive, the individual applicant, together with Doug defines what the main focus of mentorship will encompass.  Whether your aspirations are in songwriting, singing, producing, recording, engineering, dj, mixing, recording artist, or to decide if the music industry is for you, your time in the studio with Doug will ensure you are guided in the best direction. Prepared for the pitfalls, fully inspired for your future.

Programs run Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday over a one or two week period.

Mentoring programs are strictly limited to between 1-6 people at any time.

This 3 day program is aimed at high school kids seeking experience in a studio.  It is also suitable for any young person seeking the same.  Dates are scheduled during school holiday periods.
Duration: 3 days
Fee:  $750

This 6 day program is aimed at any young person seeking experience in a studio.  University or independent music school students can attend during their semester breaks for real applicable experience.
Duration: 6 days
Fee: $1,500

*Fee is an introductory offer available for a limited time only.



Apply by filling in this form.  When we receive your application, it will be reviewed and should you be shortlisted, Dougie will call you personally to discuss your aspirations.