Furstock Studios

Hidden deep within a historic 136 year old wool store, our studio brings New York to Melbourne.

Brady Music is now operating in conjunction with Furstock Studios.  We still offer all the same diverse audio/visual services.

Our services are competitive and flexible reflecting Doug Bradys’ expertise and 35 years industry experience and the quality equipment Furstock Studios offers.

We are happy to quote tailoring to your needs and budget.

Mobile Recording
Tape transfers
Tape Restoration including Baking|
Post Production
CD/DVD Production
ISRC Code Allocations
Multi Camera, High definition Video Facilities
Live Internet Broadcasting

Our highly versatile and unique facility provides a relaxed atmosphere where artists can feel at home. Furstock appreciates and understands the finesse of recording, bringing together vintage analogue equipment along with the best of todays digital systems.

Mixing is a refined skill that could also be seen as an art. Its like an artist applying all of the colours to a blank canvas producing a masterpiece. Here at Fursock, we are fortunate to have the best tools available to our engineers ensuring they can deliver the optimal result for all situations. Our resident engineer Doug Brady has received a staggering 10 ARIA engineer of the year nominations with 3 wins.

Mastering is the final process that polishes the product after mixing. It’s an important step that makes the final mix consistent and exuberant. Furstock can Master all kinds of tracks for all situations using a number of world renowned mastering engineers.

Visit the Furstock Studio website www.furstockstudios.com